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Posted Queries for June 1999


Am seeking information on a great great granduncle, Patrick MCLERNON (MCCLARNON) who reportedly was last heard of in La Guaira sometime between 1832 and 1857. He was an Irishman from Aneeter Mor, Ar(d)boe Parish, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. He was Roman Catholic. Any information will be much appreciated.

RISQUEZ posted by Malcolm Risquez on Wednesday, June 2, 1999

Hace tiempo que estoy investigando sobre mi apellido y no he logrado ninguna informacion concreta, por favor si hay alguien que pueda darme una pista sobre el nombe RISQUEZ le estaria sumamente agradecido.

CORALES, CORRALES, HERNANDEZ, RAMOS posted by Philip Ramos on Friday, June 4, 1999

Looking for info on the surname CORALES or CORRALES in Venezuela. Vicente CORALES immigrated to Puerto Rico from Venezuela in the mid 1800's. He married Blacina HERNANDEZ in Aguadilla and had my great Grandfather Juan CORALES HERNANDEZ.

GONZALEZ, MORENO posted by Carlos M. Gonzalez Moreno on Monday, June 7, 1999

I am trying to find details on my parents that may have been recorded in my birth records. I was born on January 22 1962, in Caracas Venezuela. My parents names: Maria GONZALEZ MORENO de Cuba y Manuel GONZALEZ Hernandez Thanks for your help

ABREU, BERTODANO, CARRILLO, GOMEZ, GRADOS, IRAGORRI, MONTIEL posted by Agatha on Wednesday, June 9, 1999


CACUA, DUARTE, FERNANDEZ, TOLOZA posted by Walter Helton on Thursday, June 10, 1999

Looking for wife's family lineage. Father is Cornelio FERNANDEZ, son of Cornelio FERNANDEZ and Julia TOLOZA; Mother is Blanca Cacua, Daughter of Felix Julio CACUA and Rosa Maria DUARTE. She was born in 1947 somewhere near the border with Colombia's Santander District.

LOZADA, MADRIZ posted by Alexis Madriz on Friday, June 11, 1999

Deseo información acerca del apellido MADRIZ. Mi abuela es era de apellido MADRIZ MADRIZ, nacida en La Victoria, su abuela era casada con un militar español de apellido MADRIZ, yo busque por este medio el apellido MADRIZ en España, pero aparece Madrid. Mucho sabría agradecer la información. Atte.Alexis MADRIZ.

PICCARDO posted by Julio Piccardo on Friday, June 11, 1999

Estoy buscando datos sobre el apellido PICCARDO, no solo en Venezuela sino en la base de datos que tengan sobre España.

LOVERA, URIBE posted by Jesus Lovera on Saturday, June 12, 1999

Se que mi apellido viene de Venezuela, mi familia vive en Colombia donde es un apellido raro, creo que mi tatara abuelo vio con el General URIBE. Uribe de venezuela. Gracias por cualquier informacion

GONZALEZ posted by Stephan M. Gonzalez on Saturday, June 12, 1999

Looking for info on Herman GONZALEZ, possibly born around 1900-1910. He allegedly was an attorney in Caracas, possibly from the 1940's and on. His father may have been a high profile figure in the Venzuelan National govt. Herman GONZALEZ was married to Carmen GONZALEZ y GONZALEZ who later traveled to the US in the early 1940's. Any info on my lineage would be greatly appreciated. Muchas gracias.

BARROETA, FANAY posted by Nestor Barroeta on Sunday, June 13, 1999

Solicitamos informacion sobre el apellido BARROETA de Estado Trujillo

BELÉN, BEOVIDE, CHAPPE, FERNANDEZ, OLARIAGA, PICCARDO, SILVA, VIERA posted by Julio Piccardo on Sunday, June 13, 1999

investigar sobre el apellido PICCARDO en sus comienzos en Italia y el apellido BELÉN en ...


Me gustaría saber si tienen información de como entraron estos apellidos a Venezuela, he visto gran cantidad de paginas donde narran que mucho de los apellidos hispanos tienen raíces hebreas, desde la época de la inquisición es España y Portugal, creo que sería muy interesante, tengo mucha información al respecto. Incluso, su ortografía fue variando a través del tiempo, ejemplo: LEVY = LAVIÉ, LEIVA. Gracias, por su tiempo.

SIMMONS posted by Maria Cecilia Ruiz on Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Quiero saber si la familia SIMMONS de Venezuela tiene una relación con la familia SIMMONS de St. Thomas, las Islas Vírgenes.

LIRA, LLANES posted by Elvin P B Lira on Thursday, June 17, 1999

I have been told that my grandmothers name is Eulalia LIRA. She lived on the island of Curacao and died problably in 1966 on that island. Also I have been told that she is Venezolana and came originally from (the area of) Maracaibo. I guess she have lived for about 60 to 70 years. I am interested in any information about her or other relatives. My name is Elvin Paulus Baldomero LIRA, born 3 june 1955 on the island of Curacao. My parents are the late Eduardo Gerardo LIRA 13 october 1917- july 1985 and my mother is Theresita Martina LIRA-LLANES born 7 october 1933. Regards Elvin Paulus Baldomero Lira /

KEESEE, KISSEE, KIZE, LE CAZE, MACK posted by SHARON on Thursday, June 17, 1999

KISSEE; KEESEE; LE_CAZE; KIZE.MACK KISSEE, Brother of John KISSEE, was supposed to have refused to surrender after the civil war in the USA. Legend is he went to Venezuela, SA. If there are any links with KISSEE from Mills, MO., or Arkansas relatives, please let me know.

ACOSTA, MENDEZ, MÉNDEZ posted by Arturo ACOSTA on Friday, June 18, 1999

Mi padre Nació en Belen, Estado Carabobo (El apellido ACOSTA es de mi abuela paterna). Mi abuelo materno (MÉNDEZ) es del litoral central (Carayaca).

BUSTAMANTE posted by Jose Omar Bustamante on Friday, June 18, 1999

Name: Jose Miguel BUSTAMANTE Place: Barquisimeto Time: 1960 to 1980 Birth Date: Beginning of the century. Country of Birth: Cuba Relationship: Granfather. Death Date: Probably during the 1970s. Comment: I would like to contact any relative living in Venezuela. Thanks.

VELAZQUEZ posted by Lori M. Quintal on Monday, June 21, 1999

These are my boyfriend's ancestors and I found the story to be very interseting. His grandfather's name is Jose' VELAZQUEZ. I know that he fought in I think the Spanish Civil War. He moved to New Orleans, LA. I also know that a large number of my boyfriend's relatives were poisoned at a party once the war was over by people from the opposing side. Any information would be very helpful to me.

ROMANY posted by Myrnella ROMANY on Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Pierre ROMANY left Venezuela and came to Trindad in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century.

GUICLICE, GÜICLICE, SCARPITTA posted by Marisoly Alvarez Scarpitta on Wednesday, June 23, 1999

He tenido dificultad para conseguir información sobre los apellidos italianos en Venezuela. Los que busco pertenecen a Giusseppe (ó José) SCARPITTA GÜICLICE, un inmigrante (mi bisabuelo) llegado a Venezuela (Edo. Carabobo -Valencia y Puerto Cabello) a principios de siglo. El consulado no me ha podido ayudar mucho. Gracias por la colaboración que me puedan brindar.

AMBARD, BODU, CADET, CUMMING, DIFFENTALLER, GOVIA, STOER posted by Barbara Kennedy Moore on Wednesday, June 23, 1999

Reserching AMBARD family We are descendants of Francois Lucien Ambard who emigrated to Venezuela in 1818.

GONZALEZ, PAZOS posted by Jackie Free on Thursday, June 24, 1999

My grandfather was borned in Venezuela. All I know is his name, Ramon GONZALEZ PAZOS and he was borned on or around 1896. I am looking for all the info I can get on him and the family. Thanks

GONZALEZ, MANZO posted by German Manzo on Friday, June 25, 1999

Me gustaria obtener toda la informacion posible sobre el apellido MANZO, arbol genealogico, origen, etc. Gracias

CEDEÑO, MARTINEZ, MENDOZA, MUJICA posted by Enrique Mujica on Friday, June 25, 1999

Solicito su ayuda para conocer el arbol genealogico de mis dos apellidos, su historia. Como dato señalo que mi madre cuyo apellido es MARTINEZ CEDEÑO nacio La Guaira concretamente en la parroquia Carayaca en el año 1928. Mi padre por ser hijo natural adopto el apellido de su madre " MUJICA ", pero su padre tenia el apellido MENDOZA, nacio en Quibor Distrito Jimenez del Estado Lara el 5/3/24

BOHÓRQUEZ, DEL CASTILLO, FERNÁNDEZ, MOLERO, URDANETA posted by Xavier Márquez on Sunday, June 27, 1999

Quisiera conocer información sobre la familia BOHÓRQUEZ, de Maracaibo, Edo. Zulia. Mi madre, Hilda María FERNÁNDEZ BOHÓRQUEZ, nació el 27 de noviembre de 1920, en Maracaibo. Mi abuela, Angela María BOHÓRQUEZ, murio en Caracas en 1945. Mi bisabuela Isabel MOLERO DEL_CASTILLO, tuvo 18 hijos y murió de peritonitis el 21-7-1925. Mi bisabuelo Hercilio BOHÓRQUEZ URDANETA, murió en 1912.

BECERRA, GOMEZ, PRATO, RODRIGUEZ posted by Neftali Prato on Monday, June 28, 1999

Neftali PRATO RODRIGUEZ, nacido en Caracas el 10 Mayo 53, registrado en la parroquia Candelaria, hijo de Neptali PRATO GOMEZ nacido en Guasdualito, Edo. Apure, hijo este de Ruperto PRATO BECERRA, nacido en San Cristobal Edo. Tachira

LUISE posted by Chiara Luise on Tuesday, June 29, 1999

I'm searching for the descendant of Bellino LUISE, born in the north of Italy in the end of 1800,and immigrated to South America (probably to Venezuela). I hope you can help me to find the last missing branch of my genealogic tree. Thank you Chiara Luise

DARRELL, LUCAS posted by Sheila Hicks on Wednesday, June 30, 1999

LUCAS, DARRELL Looking for information on Jonathan LUCAS and/or Amanda DARRELL LUCAS -- Jonathan was a shipping captain from Venezuela, and his wife a "Brick Indian" from the mountains of Trinidad.

DARRELL, LUCAS posted by Sheila Hicks on Wednesday, June 30, 1999

LUCAS/DARRELL Estoy buscando informacion sobre Jonathan LUCAS y su esposa, Amanda DARRELL LUCAS. Jonathan fue un capitan de barco "clipper" y su esposa fue una india "Brick" de Trinidad y Tobago. Tambien busco informacion sobre una danza o cerimonia de estes indios que se llama "Danza de Espejos".